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    Russia being a huge transcontinental country does not include a word for 'the' or 'a' in their language. The top Universities of Russia offer a broad range of courses at undergraduate and graduate levels - from engineering, international law, political science, and economics, to journalism, business management, and energy.Russia's most global universities have been providing an academic home for than 160000 international graduates from around the world for nearly 60 years and enabling them to flourish as leaders in the private and public sector globally .Russia has the largest lake Baikal which covers over 400sq.km, largest one in Europe as well .Russian premier universities provide not only an advanced education, but an unparalleled opportunity to gain professional contacts which will endure well beyond formal education. Moscow is the first city in the world estimated by the number of milliarders, so it proves its status of the world's most expensive city. The premier Universities located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two of the world's great cities, possess an array of cultural and historical treasures, vibrant culture and dazzling nightlife. They also offer an easy access to the diversity and energy of contemporary Russia, and its epic cultural heritage. Studying in Russia's premier Universities is a wonderful life experience for international students.

    Education is not received, it is achieved.



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