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    Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, Ukraine has hosted the "Euro Cup 2012" Football World Cup . All the Universities of Ukraine are government universities and comes under ministry of education and science of ukraine. All the Ukrainian medical universities are listed in the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA (MCI), World Health Organisation (WHO) and in "EUROPEAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION". The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian medium of Instruction in Ukraine universities are in "ENGLISH". Graduates from Ukrainian medical universities can work anywhere in the world in the field of Medicine as the qualification is recognized by WHO. The fun traditional celebration is Ivana Kupala Day on June, the 23rd. (A huge fire is made and boys and girl (in pairs or solo) jump over it to go through symbolic purification. If a couple jumps over the fire with their hands kept together, their love and marriage will last forever and ever.) Getting admission is no less than a cakewalk to study medicine in the best medical universities of Ukraine to study MBBS Compared with some universities or colleges in US, UK, Europe, even India, Pakistan,Nigeria Ukrainian national costume is called "vyshyvanka" a plain white shirt worn by both men and women.Firstly, No donations or capitation fees are to be paid to the universities to study medicine in

    Ukraine,the cost of education in the medical universities is highly regulated and subsidized by the Ukrainian government. Kyiv or Kiev ranks #1 city with the most beautiful women according to Travelers Digest, which is also the country's capital. Ukraine is a very safe European country with beautiful landscape surrounding. Most of the Ukrainian cities are very peaceful with social harmony and with good public security.

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