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Whether you are looking at MBA courses in India or abroad, the choices can make the process overwhelming. Starting from the type of the program to shortlisting the best MBA courses, it takes a lot of effort. However, if you can structure your process and knock out the options that don't fit your needs, life can become a little easy.

Types of MBA courses

  • MBA courses can come in a wider variety of formats: Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Part time MBA, Correspondence Course, Distance MBA Courses, Online MBA courses
  • Each one has its pros and cons. Though there is no single best format, the full-time MBA format can get you the biggest bang for your buck.

MBA course fees

  • While the MBA fees of many low ranking programs that struggle to get students enrolled might be very low, the fees can really shoot up for the elite management programs.
  • And it's not just the course fees that you need to consider. There are other costs too like the visa fees, books, laptop, flight costs, study trip expenses and the biggest one that most MBA students overlook the opportunity cost.

MBA course details

  • In the initial period, the course syllabus covers the following core subjects:
  • Accounting, Economics, Corporate finance, Strategy/Frameworks, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Marketing, Information Technology
  • Once the basic foundation has been laid, you'll have the option of specialising in any area that you want. This can be done by choosing several electives.
  • Get up to speed by learning some important concepts covered in the MBA program. Read this article on MBA syllabus.

Teaching techniques and methodology for MBA students

  • Apart from the regular lecture based teaching that most students are already familiar with, MBA pedagogies also employ new methodologies to ensure that the learning is maximised. Two popular techniques are the Case study method and Group assignments.

Case study method

  • For learning business and becoming a successful manager, theory itself is not sufficient. Different business situations need to be simulated and presented to the students so that they workaround and find the best possible practical solution for a given set of circumstances.
  • The case studies may contain useful data as well as data which may not be of much use. So the students learn to collect all the relevant information, organise it, analyse it from the perspective of the person in the case study and then arrive at a decision.
  • Here it is not just the final answer which is important but also the thinking, deriving and learning process which is emphasised upon so that the students get trained to deal with various real-life corporate-situations.

Group work

  • Group work is another way in which students can enrich their learning experience. Groups should preferably be formed among students with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Each group would ideally comprise of 4-5 students.
  • The interaction among the group members gives them a chance to understand other's point of view and way of thinking. Each member should make it a point to actively be involved in the discussions and while presenting the final outcome.
  • The success of the group work depends on the full-fledged co-operation and participation of each team member. The essence of teamwork is thus stressed upon through this exercise.

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